Caffeina Cares - Idaho Office For Refugees

Caffeina Cares - Idaho Office For Refugees

The Idaho Office for Refugees supports our nation’s founding belief of offering refuge and safety to people forced to leave their homes due to the persecution of their religious beliefs, political opinions, or ethnic heritage.

We create opportunities for refugees and the larger community to come together over their shared values of hard work, family, faith, and freedom, through English Language education, cultural events, and programs like Global Gardens and the Refugee Speakers Bureau.

Idaho has been home to thousands of people who arrived as refugees since the 1970s. The Idaho Office for Refugees works to create a more welcoming community by coordinating cultural events, English language education, and through programs like the Refugee Speakers Bureau, Global Gardens, and Global Talent Idaho.

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Caffeina Cares Event

stronger together idaho refugees

“Stronger Together”

Kenya AA and Sumatra blend.

We created a “Stronger Together” blend from the region of Mandheling in Sumatra combined with an African coffee, Kenya AA to create a bright full-bodied cup of coffee. Stronger together initially has stone fruit notes combined with earthy, dark chocolate notes creating a vibrantly balanced blend

Day of the event: September 26th, 2018
Bags Sold: 72